SS200 Stone Vacuum Cup - I love these damn green pods

I just wanted to run my mouth about how awesome these new pods are. I started by ordering 4 and now I'm going to replace every damn one of my old ones with this new system. These things bite on and don't let go. They are lighter, easier to maneuver around and I don't have to worry about messing up the table or foam rubber groove if they are dropped. My table is definitely in need of a milling and has been causing some issues with the bases getting a good bite with the existing pods. I was so impressed by the hold of these new ones that I put it over the worst part of our table and sucked a sink cut out down. I then turned the air off to it and I couldn't get it loose for over 10 min with just the existing vacuum it had on it. That was the final straw right there with these old ones, they're no longer getting sent out for repair, they're just getting replaced. If you are in need of some new pods, I would HIGHLY recommend you check these out. Big shout out to the people over at Better Vacuum Cups for creating a kick ass hurry up and get my 200x400's made! :)

Feb 14th 2014

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